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Brand activation

Raise your brand awareness

How do you raise brand awareness? By integrating all available means of communication into a creative platform, that activates the consumer. Doing that, it is important to stand out in the crowd, because consumers filter away what seems irrelevant. With a proper combination of large sized prints and inflatables, you will unquestionably stand out. Thus you can drop a new brand successfully onto the market or you can make an existing brand stand out even more.

Commonly used products for Brand activation

Brand activation Raise your brand awareness product launch, VW, Amarok, trail X-Treme Creations

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X-Treme likes to collaborate with agencies, so we offer them special conditions.

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Are you organising a show, product launch or another event soon? With the right inflatable(s), you can add an extra dimension to it. X-Treme Creations’ range is vast and offers plenty of different standard inflatables.

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