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Giant inflatables

Giant inflatables are ideal for branding purposes. They attract attention, are playful and leave enough space for your brand name and logo.

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Giant inflatables giant waterdrop for Finish brand nearby lake de la plate taille made for the agency RCA as sensibilisation to consume less water and get into Guinness book of records X-Treme Creations

Airtight miniature inflatables

X-Treme is able to deliver tailor made airtights in very short timings.
Of course we test in China during 24H all your inflatables before shipment by air or by sea in function of the delivery date. You can order airtights in large quantities but also small quantities are possible and even single pieces or prototypes. The vinyl used to make your inflatables respects all European composition and safety regulations cc airtights.

Airtight miniatures are inflatables of 2 meters height or length. They are made of PVC and have a valve. They are to be blown up (with your mouth or with a pump) and they remain inflated because they are jointed.

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Airtight miniature inflatables airtight inflatable, inflatable gadget, inflatable Netflix premium, inflatable mug, inflatable sword, inflatable beer glass, MNSTR, agency,  Rock en Seine,  X-Treme Creations

Large format print 2D

Big size prints come in all kinds and sizes. X-Treme Creations provides you with all of them and has enough experience to develop even the most complex designs, using all the existing digital printing techniques.

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Large format print 2D X-Treme Creations

Innovative concepts

Inflatable technology is very versatile but at the same time also underused.

The cutting of fabric materials, and putting the pattern pieces together according to a given building plan using techniques such as welding or sewing, is still a contemporary and efficient way of producing. Innovative thinking about the questions and concepts of the customer, we are specialist in this matter.

It would be commercially unwise to put all your eggs in one marketing basket. In order to further evolve X-treme needs, however, continuous incentives in the field of technical applications and, preferably, in combination with specialists in different disciplines.

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Innovative concepts inflatable hybrid helium and blower driven combination for the French comic Chateau Des Etoiles X-Treme Creations

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