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Our inflatables and large sized prints offer tons of possibilities regarding brand activation, advertising or corporate branding. Do you know exactly what you want? Perfect! But even if you don’t, we can help you. We can collaborate to find the most effective products, materials and applications – in which case a combination of inflatables and prints is possible.

Whatever you can think of, we can transform it into a lifelike and real concept, with the aspired effect. An overview of our products can be found here.

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X-Treme Creations All visual marketing solutions | X-Treme Creations

Categories that serve as a model to enlarge something bigger than original in an inflatable version are regularly used. The website contains a limited selection based on a photo album containing 25 000 inflatables for  built up in over 20 years with our customers.

Should this not inspire you, because the item or the character you want to inflate is not listed, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail.  Do not forget  the keywords: rough sketch, dimensions, photographs, .... Usually, X-Treme  has several inflatable examples from the past that contribute to the co-creation of a new concept.

Product groups

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X-Treme Creations Discover inflatable applications | X-Treme Creations

The three main application areas of inflatables are: effort in and around events, visibility and activation before and at the point of sale and, last but not least, applications in the market world of commercial fairs.

Inflatable creations are naturally versatile for multiple applications but experience shows that the client or the agency usually launches production for one concrete need. If we brainstorm during the budget/development phase, it is of course possible to combine several application areas. 


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