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Inflatable as point of sale material

Airtight miniature inflatables are perfectly suited for use in a store, at a POS or POP. You can hang a product enlargement from the ceiling, while a combination with a cardboard display works great. What about a combination with giant inflatables – a massive eye catcher for potential customers at the entrance of a store? Roll banners, displays, beach flags, fly tubes,...are also viable options for your shop.

Airtight miniature inflatables is the ideal form of communication that is sure to turn heads. At a POS or POP you can use creative inflatable objects that make passers-by think and encourage them to make a purchase. For example, you can place an enlargement of the product, a giant inflatable at the entrance, a sampling campaign or a combination with roll banners, displays, beach flags, fly-tubes and so on.

Commonly used products for POS/POP

POS/POP Inflatable as point of sale material inflatable Sonic dynamic character chasing golden rings within a Sega video game at the Westfield Ariel shopping mall for the London branch of Havas Play X-Treme Creations

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