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Are you looking for the perfect application of your brand strategy? Inflatables might be the answer, and X-Treme Creations can make your dreams come true – as crazy as they could be. Moreover, is does not matter which medium you wish to use, because we produce almost every 3D-shape in an inflatable form – from airtight miniatures (max. 2 metres) to giant ones (2 metres plus). But 2D marketing is possible as well: we offer large-sized prints on textile, pvc, vinyl and plates.

In a nutshell: X-Treme Creations is unbeatable in the development of innovating concept and the realisation of tailored designs. You imagine it, we make it.



Do you not have the means or time to clean your inflatable? Would you like to clean it with specific product? Contact us and we will make your inflatable look brand new.


Do you not have the required space to store your inflatable or other items? Our storage facility is 500m² big – we can easily store our clients’ material upon demand.



Does your inflatable need a facelift or did you notice damage to your item after an event? Did you change your logo? Contact us so we can, if possible, repair the good to their original state or simply alter the structure, to give it a second life.

Assembly and disassembly

Sometimes you lack time or people to install or to disassemble it. Maybe the installations are too complex and you prefer to have some help. We can give you an estimation of the additional costs for any crazy and fun installation. Do you need one of our services? Call us or e-mail us, so we can arrange a meeting and prepare a quotation!

Assembly and disassembly

Our methods


A custom made inflatable to boost your product, service, logo, company within your budget? We can do that!

Production within the agreed timing
Project management adapted to your budget

Whatever you need, we give it our utmost to find a pleasing solution.


X-Treme Creations offers a helping hand to find the adequate solution.

Brainstorming and creative advice
Air your views

No matter how mad, unseen or unusual your idea is, our experience can make your dreamed marketing a dream marketing!


Visual marketing is made to score, and with us, the sky is the limit!

ROI, lessons learned, satisfied customers

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Special conditions for agencies

X-Treme likes to collaborate with agencies, so we offer them special conditions.

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