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Corporate branding

Advertising or promotion for your company

You have probably asked yourself how you can promote your corporate identity on an already crowded advertising scene. The answer is simple: with large sized prints that really stand out en make a difference. X-Treme Creations selects, designs and develops the right façade banners, billboards, advertisement sheets or banners for you. We can of course help you with the ‘inflatable presence’ of your company, brand or product.

Commonly used products for Corporate branding

Corporate branding Advertising or promotion for your company inflatable arcades in purple mirror fabric on a boat during the Amsterdam Canal Parade for a famous birth control tool X-Treme Creations

Special conditions for agencies

X-Treme likes to collaborate with agencies, so we offer them special conditions.

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Rent a standard inflatable?

Are you organising a show, product launch or another event soon? With the right inflatable(s), you can add an extra dimension to it. X-Treme Creations’ range is vast and offers plenty of different standard inflatables.

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