The adventures of inflatable Dan

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X-Treme Creations

Trends in branding - Peter Janssens

24-04-2017 - Category: Inflatable trends

Heeft een merk nog invloed anno 2017? Zijn merken nog relevant voor de consument/klant? Wat met de ‘digitale’ merken (Amazon, Google, Apple, Ali Baba, …) , die een echte expansie kennen, en dit meer en meer ook offline? In deze tijd van e-commerce en digital strategy lijkt het verre van evident om een sterk merk uit te bouwen.

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X-Treme Creations

About Inflatable Dan

23-06-2016 - Category: The adventures of Dan

When X-Treme existed 20 years in 2014, the company decided they wanted a mascot. Someone who could speak the voice of X-Treme. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears (actually just a few brainstorms and sleepless nights) Inflatable Dan was born. Inflatable Dan is more than just a mascot.

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X-Treme Creations - Interview with Dan Vandevoorde at 20 years X-Treme

Interview with Dan Vandevoorde at 20 years X-Treme

26-03-2015 - Category: Inflatables in the media

At Inflatable Dan’s babyshower, Dan Vandevoorde (the non-inflatable one) got interviewed on the first 20 years of X-Treme Creations. Dan talked about the beginning days, and about some of the many great projects X-Treme has realised in 20 years. Enjoy this piece of history! At X-Treme we believe we will stay for another 20 years. Or more…

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X-Treme Creations

Inflatable characters on PSI

06-01-2015 - Category: Did you know that...

Inflatable Dan is going for a trip! X-Treme is present on the PSI-fairfrom the 7th till 9th of januari in Düsseldorf. Dan, Dolf & Vincent are there to give advice on inflatable gadgets, and Inflatable Dan joined them. Did you get inspired at PSI? Do you want an airtight version of your own character for your brand?

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X-Treme Creations Emilie drawing the first sketches of Inflatable Dan

About the creator: Emilie Lauwers

23-09-2014 - Category: The adventures of Dan

Emilie Lauwers (1984°) studied graphic design/typography at Hogeschool Sint-Lucas in Ghent, Belgium. She has designed corporate styles for several clients within the artistic scene in Belgium and abroad, often combining her own suggestive imagery with strong, grid-based typography.

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