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Inflatable characters on PSI

06-01-2015 - Category: Did you know that...

Inflatable Dan is going for a trip! X-Treme is present on the PSI-fairfrom the 7th till 9th of januari in Düsseldorf. Dan, Dolf & Vincent are there to give advice on inflatable gadgets, and Inflatable Dan joined them. Did you get inspired at PSI? Do you want an airtight version of your own character for your brand? Feel free to contact us.

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X-Treme Creations Emilie drawing the first sketches of Inflatable Dan

About the creator: Emilie Lauwers

23-09-2014 - Category: The adventures of Dan

Emilie Lauwers (1984°) studied graphic design/typography at Hogeschool Sint-Lucas in Ghent, Belgium. She has designed corporate styles for several clients within the artistic scene in Belgium and abroad, often combining her own suggestive imagery with strong, grid-based typography.

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