50 shades of orange: better than any book or movie!

Over a hundred million people bought the book. It’s one of the best sellers in history. But not well written, say so many.

I bet that’s the reason why you haven’t read it. Yet. And then came the movie. Exciting or boring? A whiplash of bad taste? But still a huge commercial success. What’s the secret. Sex? Clever marketing? Whatever the formula is, Inflatable Dan believes that when you tickle people’s imagination, you are on the right track. So let’s talk about what excites you! Or, even better: let’s talk about how we can excite your clients. The plan Dan has for you, can have any shape or shade you like. It’s filled with only air, but it can blow new life into your business. We started the year exhibiting at two important fairs in our industry: PSI in Düsseldorf and C!Print in Lyon. It was great to see so many clients coming to say hello and meeting new interesting people. And let’s finish this blog with a solemn promise: Inflatable Dan will keep this blog alive with regular messages, so come and see us again soon, to feed your imagination!

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Written by Inflatable Dan
Inflatable who? Dan embodies X-Treme Creations. Everything he stands for is printed in our DNA. And just like us, he is capable of many things.

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