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Giant inflatables

Giant inflatables

Giant inflatables are ideal for branding purposes. They attract attention, are playful and leave enough space for your brand name and logo

Our giant inflatables: convenient

Large inflatable product are a part of our 3D range. They can be jointed, but are most commonly sown together – this is why they need a blower that provides a continuous airflow and pressure. Polystyrene is also a possibility, if that that is what your project needs. Nothing is possibly crazy enough for our giant inflatables-range. Based upon our long experience with textile, design, print, producing complex installations, we can realise your concept, fitting your initial budget.

Inflatables and more

Next to the publi-arch, sky tube or sky dancer, we also make walkers: inflatable costumes worn by persons that walk around at fairs or events to attract extra attention for your product or brand.  Other possibilities are product-blowups, wrappings, logos, stands, pillars, walls, bars, game-structures, etc.. 

A selection of Giant inflatables

Giant inflatables Giant inflatables X-Treme Creations

Rent a standard inflatable?

Are you organising a show, product launch or another event soon? With the right inflatable(s), you can add an extra dimension to it. X-Treme Creations’ range is vast and offers plenty of different standard inflatables.

Discover our standard inflatables!

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