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Transparent Bubble

The transparent eyecatcher for your event!

Bubbles exist in different sizes (from 3m - 12m diameter) and versions. The most important characteristic is that they are all round and transparent with almost unlimited possibilities!


Bubbles are available with or without access doors. They all create a fantastic atmosphere and can be decorated with lights or snow if you wish!

Bubbles without an entrance door are often used for brand activations or static showcases of products such as vehicles, furniture, clothing, etc.

Bubbles with entrance doors offer the advantage that you can easily walk in and out. They can therefore also be used for numerous applications and events, such as:

  • a Pop-up Bar and / or restaurant
  • as a hotel room with the possibility to sleep under a beautiful starry sky!
  • as a desk and / or meeting room
  • as a Showroom
  • Etc.

If needed, there is also the possibility to link different bubbles to each other and, as it were, create a modular village!

Because of the constant innovation in the development of transparent materials, the life span in the field of UV radiation has also improved a lot!

We have a number of transparent bubbles available for rent, but of course also offer the possibility to supply custom made bubbles according to your wishes.

Do you also want to put your product in the spotlight, or if you have any questions about the possibilities of our transparent bubbles, please contact our team today!

A few examples

The transparent eyecatcher for your event! Transparent bubble for a brand activation X-Treme Creations
Transparent Bubble
The transparent eyecatcher for your event! 8m and 10m transpartent bubble X-Treme Creations
Transparent Bubble

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