X-Treme Creations Park Hilaria Eindhoven

Park Hilaria Eindhoven

44 inflatables per entrance

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X-Treme Creations Inflatable robot - Electric Love Festival

Inflatable robot - Electric Love Festival


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X-Treme Creations Ferrero mascottes

Ferrero mascottes

Inflatable characters

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X-Treme Creations Giant Polar bear

Giant Polar bear

Order your X-mas decoration now!

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X-Treme Creations Airtight Inflatables

Airtight Inflatables

Inflate your product or logo

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X-Treme Creations Jova Beach Party

Jova Beach Party

Visual communication with inflatables

More inflatable decoration 2D and 3D combination
X-Treme Creations Morocco Desert Challenge

Morocco Desert Challenge

Inflatable arches used in X-Treme conditions!

Explore the arches check the video
X-Treme Creations Owl's nest - EDC Las Vegas

Owl's nest - EDC Las Vegas

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X-Treme Creations Inflatable airship Tomorrowland

Inflatable airship Tomorrowland

Award winning case

get aboard the ship Decorate your festival

Visual marketing and communication to fit your needs

Are you looking for the perfect application of your brand strategy? Inflatables might be the answer, and X-Treme Creations can make your dreams come true – as crazy as they could be. Moreover, is does not matter which medium you wish to use, because we produce almost every 3D-shape in an inflatable form – from airtight miniatures (max. 2 metres) to giant ones (2 metres plus). But 2D marketing is possible as well: we offer large-sized prints on textile, pvc, vinyl and plates.

Our inflatables and other products

Our inflatables and large sized prints offer tons of possibilities regarding brand activation, advertising or corporate branding. Do you know exactly what you want? Perfect! But even if you don’t, we can help you. We can collaborate to find the most effective products, materials and applications – in which case a combination of inflatables and prints is possible.

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