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Innovative concepts

Innovative 2D and 3D concepts

In our specific branch of the marketing business, we do not consider fixed formats, nor do we know barriers and limitations. Therefore, we can allow our imagination and our product maximal freedom. As a result, we offer innovative 2D and 3D concepts. In other words, what you can imagine, we produce.

Our working method

We happily assist you in your choice of materials and possible applications. The unique combination of our experience and your ideas will undoubtedly produce an exciting mix of inflatables, large format prints – and who knows what else – as long as the entire concept is coherent! Though it is hard to imagine, anything is imaginable. Whatever you think of, we can translate it into an effective, feasible and visually dazzling marketing story.

Innovative concepts Innovative 2D and 3D concepts X-Treme Creations

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Through the years, X-Treme Creations has developed an impressive portfolio. Let the inspiration come to you!

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