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Inflatable technology is very versatile but at the same time also underused.

The cutting of fabric materials, and putting the pattern pieces together according to a given building plan using techniques such as welding or sewing, is still a contemporary and efficient way of producing. Innovative thinking about the questions and concepts of the customer, we are specialist in this matter.

It would be commercially unwise to put all your eggs in one marketing basket. In order to further evolve X-treme needs, however, continuous incentives in the field of technical applications and, preferably, in combination with specialists in different disciplines.


Co-creation is a holy grail, which every company should strive for in their field, certainly in times of digital disruption.

These are magical moments when two or more specialists in the field (veterinary medicine, circulation, logistics, medical pathologies, 3D printing, virtual reality, augmented reality, space, photography, gamification, ...) think about filling in a specific function or need with all their experience in their respective fields.

The Development of our role as a consultant

Development and testing of prototypes, developing technical drawings, filing of patents, working together on a business plan, professional choice of different types of textiles, help with certification, setting up a production, marketing of products, setting up network of distributors,... can be part of our mission and role in new developments as a consultant or partner.

Let the Inflatable Environment inspire you!

Finally, purely cultural art, an area where the third dimension offers many possibilities besides the logistical advantages of inflatable forms.
With some exceptions, we find that after all these years in our inflatable environment, many artists and visual conceptualists still haven't found the way to infinite possibilities in terms of inspiration, shape and dimensions. For a company such as X-Treme, this branch is still the most inspiring because it is still completely unexplored.


A selection of Innovative concepts

Innovative concepts We design your ideas airtight recovery cushion Equi-lift for horses patented by veterinairy Pierre Schoenaers validation by  professor Stijn Schauvliege X-Treme Creations

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