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Airtight miniature inflatables

Airtight figures or forms for your event

X-Treme is able to deliver tailor made airtights in very short timings.
Of course we test in China during 24H all your inflatables before shipment by air or by sea in function of the delivery date. You can order airtights in large quantities but also small quantities are possible and even single pieces or prototypes. The vinyl used to make your inflatables respects all European composition and safety regulations cc airtights.

Airtight miniatures are inflatables of 2 meters height or length. They are made of PVC and have a valve. They are to be blown up (with your mouth or with a pump) and they remain inflated because they are jointed.

The use of miniature airtight inflatables

Nothing is better to bring your brand or name into public than handing out miniature inflatable advertising objects or blow ups as a premium at events or to merchandise them in stores or at trade fairs. Besides, they always make a (potential) customer smile!

Your “airy” partner

Thanks to our knowhow, our long experience and our reliable Chinese partner, we are the ideal party to design and develop your inflatable POS-material. We gladly present you with our extensive portfolio, with objects that can be printed with your logo or brand. Our strength is that we can collaborate to design an entirely new object.

A selection of Airtight miniature inflatables

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Need some inspiration?

Garnish your event with custom giant or miniature inflatables! Make your fair stand pop out with large sized prints! An innovative concept based on our ideas? No question is X-Treme enough.

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