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X-Treme Creations continuously searches for innovation and creativity for their inflatables, even for the industry and outside the world of advertising, marketing, art and events. 

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Industry inflatable high tech 360° sound testing dome in the shape of a helmet with a performance of the artist Twin Shadow in New York X-Treme Creations


Get more out of your fair attendance with inflatables and large sized prints. Product enlargements, packages, logos, entirely inflatable stands, pillars, walls and bars are part of our product range. But also walkers: inflatable suits worn by people, assuring a permanent focus on your product or brand.

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Fairs giant inflatable baby for the launch of Little Nightmares 3 of Bandai Namco winning the Best Booth Award during the  Gamescom  show in Köln X-Treme Creations


Make sure that your festival is also a visual success. X-Treme Creations is happily involved in the design and development of decors for large events, exhibitions and festivals. Formats, barriers and limitations are not concepts we take into account – not for our imagination, nor for our products. We make whatever you think of! For both small and large festivals, the combination of 2D (large sized prints) and 3D (inflatables and polystyrene) is ideal. Together with designers and stand assemblers, we work to develop your innovative concepts and creative sketches!

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Festivals Inside the inflatable cathedral made for The Beanstalk agency during Elrow Festival as the host inflatable building for Absolut wodka brand activation with roller skating on the dance floor installed in multiple cities like London and Edinburgh  X-Treme Creations

Art and Design

Our products can flourish to become artsy, dazzling and particular designs. Especially our inflatable objects are prone to that tendency. Various designers and artists have come to the same conclusion. X-Treme Creations supports those artists as well as their designs equally to those who ask for more conventional marketing material.

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Art and Design inflatable apple of 6 meter diameter as iconic eyecatcher for the René Magritte Exhibition in the Brussels Museum for Fine Arts X-Treme Creations

Corporate branding

You have probably asked yourself how you can promote your corporate identity on an already crowded advertising scene. The answer is simple: with large sized prints that really stand out en make a difference. X-Treme Creations selects, designs and develops the right façade banners, billboards, advertisement sheets or banners for you. We can of course help you with the ‘inflatable presence’ of your company, brand or product.

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Corporate branding inflatable arcades in purple mirror fabric on a boat during the Amsterdam Canal Parade for a famous birth control tool X-Treme Creations

Brand activation

How do you raise brand awareness? By integrating all available means of communication into a creative platform, that activates the consumer. Doing that, it is important to stand out in the crowd, because consumers filter away what seems irrelevant. With a proper combination of large sized prints and inflatables, you will unquestionably stand out. Thus you can drop a new brand successfully onto the market or you can make an existing brand stand out even more.

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Brand activation giant earbuds JBL nightlife with permanent blower and working sound system for an underground party X-Treme Creations

Promotion and gadgets

Inflatable copies of products and brands never fail to make a (potential) customer smile. In fact, there is no better way to raise brand and name awareness than handing out premium during an event. Selling airtight miniature inflatable objects as merchandising is also very effective, just as is using them on a POS or during a fair.

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Promotion and gadgets airtight testing of 100 cm diameter swimming rings with JBL branding made following the EN71 norm and commissioned by Dutch agency Project360 X-Treme Creations

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