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Most Amazing Questions

Can any shape become inflatable?

Yes! In most cases problems can be solved by combining various techniques and ideas. 

How big can inflatables be made?

Miniature inflatables can be produced from approximately 10 cm to maximum 2 meters. Giant inflatables can be produced from approximately 2 meters but their size is practically unlimited.  

Does an installation consume a lot of electricity ?

An internal blower consumes maximum 400 W. 

General frequently asked questions

In what differs a giant from a miniature inflatable ?

A miniature inflatable is made of vinyl, a giant inflatable is generally made of a polyester cloth, sometimes combined with other fabrics . A miniature is jointed and waterproof.  This is not the case for most giants, where parts of the patterns are stitched together. Giants need a constant air flow.

Until which wind-force can I use my inflatable object ?

It is clear that wind causes more trouble to a big inflatable than to a small one. We recommend to firstly discuss this item with us. 

Is a blower noisy ?

We commonly use internal blowers with a low noise level to avoid this problem. In some cases a strong external blower is necessary because of the special design requirements. A custom-made flight case that reduces the noise can be provided to hold the noise level as low as possible.

What can I do in case of damage, for instance when the inflatable gets cracked ? 

Small cracks can be repaired yourself. In case of larger cracks the inflatable can be returned and we will give you a cost estimation before repairing. 

Does the sun have a bleaching  or discolouring effect on the object?

Our fabrics have an UV-protection and we place an extra coating over the artwork in order to reduce discoloring to a maximum. 

How can an inflatable be fixed to avoid that it blows away?

On grass or steady soil, the inflatable can be anchored by guy-ropes or tent-pegs. On asphalt sandbags can be put in the object.  We can also fix weights around the object to hold the ropes. Any other object can be used such as trees, piles, concrete blocks, ...

Can giant inflatables be used inside stores?

Yes, inflatable objects are great attention-catchers as POS-material. In that case we can provide a different format of blowers that minimize the noise when used inside a shop. Given our inflatables are custom-made, it is fully up to you, our client, to choose how big and eye-catchy you want it to be, for it to fully fit in your shop or product aesthetic.

Can you use miniature inflatables in shops?

Yes, small inflatable objects are excellent POS-material! All around the shop you can draw attention to products by putting miniature inflatables next or above them. 

How long can my giant inflatable last ?

When you take good care of it, an inflatable can last for many years.  We can also take care of the maintenance and storage of your inflatable.  

What is the lifespan of my miniature inflatables?

Miniature inflatables are made of Vinyl and last a long time. PVC though is more sensitive than polyester fabrics that are more resistant.

The inflatable lacks tension, it does not stand upright. What's the matter?

The most probable situation is the one where you forgot to close one of the zippers or did not fully shut them. Also double check the grating of the blower (entry and exit). It should be free of any objects that may block the air current, there must be a good flow of air for the blower to disperse it actively through the inflatable which makes it stand straight. 

What is the probability of a punctured miniature inflatable?

We give a 98% airtight-warranty on all our mini pvc-inflatables.  These inflatables are blown up and tested for leakage in the factory during 24 hours. By these means, any punctured specimen can be preliminarily removed.

Can I hang a miniature inflatable?

If you want to hang your miniature inflatables we will provide eyelets.  Upon request we can deliver a set with S-hooks and suspension strings.

Artwork preparation

Do the PMS-colors fit exactly into my design?

The printing of colors – including PMS-colors – is always subject to estimation. There can be a divergence of 10%.  You will hardly notice such differences because inflatables are mostly looked at from a distance. 

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