The adventures of Dan Emilie drawing the first sketches of Inflatable Dan X-Treme Creations

About the creator: Emilie Lauwers

Emilie Lauwers (1984°) studied graphic design/typography at Hogeschool Sint-Lucas in Ghent, Belgium. She has designed corporate styles for several clients within the artistic scene in Belgium and abroad, often combining her own suggestive imagery with strong, grid-based typography.

With drawing as her first passion, she has illustrated over 20 books for children for several editors, and has recently returned her focus to etching. At times, she likes to leave printed materials behind to focus on video projection, or swap small surfaces for wall paintings, large canvases, or live drawing. Growing up in the theater, she has worked as a scenographer for Junge Kammeroper (Cologne), Purpur (Austria), Flanders Operastudio (Belgium), and the Flemish Opera, a.o. She has photographed theatrepieces for several companies, like l’acteur et l’écrit and Rideau de Bruxelles. Always up for an impossible challenge, she has decided to believe in magic and to never stop playing.

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Written by Inflatable Dan
Inflatable who? Dan embodies X-Treme Creations. Everything he stands for is printed in our DNA. And just like us, he is capable of many things.

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