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Inflatable Dan thinks about the TTIP as a global citizen

Inflatable Dan thinks about the TTIP as a global citizen. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is the most ambitious project of European-American economic cooperation yet.

TTIP is one of the largest and potentially most important transatlantic issues. Considering that trade between the US and EU comprises nearly half of world trade, consequences of any potential trade agreement between these two economic areas would have far-reaching consequences. Therefore dynamic, thoughtful discussion and critical analysis is a clear necessity. Critics and proponents debated whether TTIP will really lead to lower consumer, environmental and data protections or not. Will it be able to give the European companies what we all expect from this treaty: an easier way to do business with the USA, or will it be a Trojan Horse? What we do not want to happen is that we open our European market for products to enter being cheaper. Our European SME need to start at the same line for the race to success, as the American companies. The American companies should submit to the same rules, because if not they will be able to produce at lower production costs. And then the competition will not be fair. …a chance for small European companies or a danger? At X-treme we like to find solutions and we do not want to lose time on thinking about problems, let’s start with thinking global and act accordingly.

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Written by Inflatable Dan
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