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Stihl invites families under the shelter of Arcadomes

In september Stihl, the heavy gardening tools company invited their employees with their families for an informal event in their Belgium headquarters. Event agency KonseptS was in charge of the family-day.

Stihl is located in Puurs, in a peaceful green area, so the people of KonseptS wanted to incorporate nature in the event location. This is the reason they picked Arcadomes as the perfect event-shelter. 
An X-Treme team went on site to install 2 rental Arcadomes before the event, and picked them up afterwards. This way X-Treme took a part of the practical worries away from KonseptS, so they could focus on the content of the event, and make sure the people of Stihl had a beautiful day with their families.

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Inflatable News X-Treme Creations
Inflatable News X-Treme Creations

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