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Inflatable Marketing: One image says more than 1000 words

When you’re looking for a remarkable way to get noticed in the marketing jungle, everyone agrees that inflatables are a powerful and proven tool. One image says more than 1000 words.

If you already know exactly what image or product to inflate than this works for X-Treme! You will need to be able to provide X-Treme professional 2D artwork of the logo’s, products etc.

For more complex matters and innovative concepts it might really help to work with your agency to determine the concept and design/artwork which would fit perfectly in your communication.

Once we finish production of the inflatable, you might also need help to take care of the after sales service like installations, transport and further logistics. Deciding which type of inflatable and knowing how to properly use them are important issues not to neglect.  

This eBook will offer quick insights into how to select custom inflatables in order to make sure that your marketing efforts succeed. You’ll discover the right questions to ask, helpful checklists and comparison charts that help you follow each step of the creative process.

Finally you might not know that for the landing of the Rover on the planet Mars an inflatable airbag played a capitol role. There are also plenty of industrial and medical applications of inflated textile bodies which are not part of this exercise…

Getting started with custom inflatables

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Written by Inflatable Dan
Inflatable who? Dan embodies X-Treme Creations. Everything he stands for is printed in our DNA. And just like us, he is capable of many things.

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