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How an inflatable generates brand awareness?

The whole idea of having an event of any sort is to create an atmosphere filled with excitement. Whether your event is a show, a festival, a conference, a celebration, a product launch, a sampling activation or any other type, you'll also need visitors and plenty of activation on the social media to make it succesful. Using inflatables helps you to accomplish these goals.

1) Triggering interest

The exciting colors and fantastic designs of inflatables will make anyone wonder about what is going on. As inflatables can be large, they will attract interest from long distances. Just the fact that you have a 13 m long weightlifter on the roof of your company building along the highway will surprise (potential) customers driving by. It will make clear that something special is going on. Their curiosity naturally leads them to your location where they witness the grand opening of your newest subsidiary or another public event that you are sponsoring. Most of the time inflatables stay present for a specific lapse of time and so during that limited time they really are remarkable!

2) Offer an opportunity to interact with your brand/company

The mere inflatable tool catches the eye for sure, but well conceived they can easily get into the hearts and minds. The inflatable has to lead the way to a complete brand experience. Everybody loves to see giant replicas of their favorite characters and brands. They love to get up close and personal with these playful inflatable shapes. Once you make a personal connection, customers will carry the brand in their heart. All inflatable manufacturers started a long time ago with the production of inflatable bouncy castles and obstacle courses which became a commodity for families but there are still a zillion of possible (inter)active options. Gamification is an important factor for future development! If the inflatable succeeds in creating interaction between customers and your brand/company the customer will feel the need to share  the experience on the social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram… We do live in a virtual era of visual communication!!! In the old days brands like Henkel and Carrefour analysed that an inflatable inside the shop doubles the top-of-mind but nowadays the potential market place is global and a nice inflatable picture or movie can easily go viral… in order to increase brand awareness.

We call it our 4th dimension…

3) The purest original Co-creation

Creative people know about the attraction of the 3rd dimension but your customers are seeing ads everywhere... and I mean EVERYwhere in the real world. Not only are they bombarded with billboards, radio ads, and neon signs in front of stores, but they find ads on their grocery carts, and as well as on doors to rest rooms… Also in the digital world the ads are becoming omnipresent although it is easier to wipe them away when of no interest. Great designed and innovative inflatable concepts have the potential to break through the advertising overload in both real and virtual world. They are original and large enough to be unusual, but created in fine shapes or produced with double skin so they are not even recognized as inflatables. And because they aren’t something customers see every day, they really stand out anywhere and alert customers that something exciting is going on. The next time you need to build excitement at your event, show or POS. Think of inflatable advertising only limited by your imagination and in function of your budget. 

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Did you know that... X-Treme Creations

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